Dr. Jack E. Maniscalco, M.D.

Dr. Jack E. Maniscalco, M.D.

Dr. Jack E. Maniscalco is actively providing evaluations for patients with neurological injuries and those patients requesting second opinions for complex neurological issues. 

Specialty: Neurosurgery

Certification: American Board of Neurological Surgery - 1977

Education: Dr. Maniscalco attended medical school at the University of Florida from 1966 through 1970.  After graduation, he began an internship at the University of Florida and in 1971 began a residency in Neurosurgery at the same institution.

Teaching Experience: After completing training, Dr. Maniscalco joined the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Florida as an Assistant Professor in 1975. In 1978, Dr. Maniscalco moved to Tampa and continued teaching with the University of South Florida and also started private practice.

Neurosurgical Practice: Dr. Maniscalco has been in Neurosurgical practice in Tampa and has been on staff in all of the major hospitals in the community. He has performed all types of neurosurgical operations including procedures of the brain, the spine, and the peripheral nerves. In January, 2014, Dr. Maniscalco retired from performing all surgical procedures; but continues to be available for review of complex neurological issues.